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Meditation is a tool that can be used in many ways: to help you get clarity, take a break from the world around you, calm the cycle of thoughts, and clear your mental path so that you can make forward progress in your life.

Meditation created a break from the clutter so that I could see a clear path in my life.

From there meditation took me to places I never dreamed possible--from using in the moment meditations, to using meditation to find my courage and strength to move through things I didn’t think I could, or tackle situations that I wanted to run away from.

Meditation was the start of that journey for me. So I invite you to start here too.

If you are ready to...

Try something different

Have sustainable self-care and wellness practices in your life

Do something that gives you some sense of control over your life

Find more pauses in your day and a sense of calm

Do something that is good for you

Have a calmer outlook on life

Feel more alive and connected to what's going on around you

Find a more grounded self

Then by bringing meditation into your life you will gain the skills to bring you balance and calm when needed, transform your life, and you’ll be able to add these tools to your skillset for the rest of your life.

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Finding Your Quiet Mind™ Features

Understand Meditation Basics

You'll learn the benefits of meditation, how to create a comfortable meditation seat, and understand how to address any discomfort issues.

Demystify Meditation

You'll learn about different styles and types of meditation, gain a basic understanding of what happens when you meditate, and how your practice may unfold.

Learn Meditation

You'll explore and practice different meditation techniques and gain the skills to create your own home meditation practice.

How This Program Is Delivered

Finding Your Quiet Mind™ begins on July 10 with new content each week for 4 weeks.

This program is delivered online with new videos uploaded each Tuesday covering that week's teachings and meditations.

Each topic will be covered in an individual video so you can tailor your viewing experience. You can watch each week's videos all at once or break the teachings out over the week.

Meditations and instructions will also be included in separate recordings so they’ll be easy for you to find and use.

The length of each week's content will vary, but will be between 1-2 hours total.

You won't be going through this alone. There is a place inside the course for everyone to share their experience and ask questions. That means you'll have me right there with you the entire course answering questions and guiding you along the way!




Why Finding Your Quiet Mind™?

FYQM was the very first workshop I ever taught 6 years ago! I saw the benefits and impact that meditation had had in my life and realized that these teachings were missing from many yoga studios and wanted to make them accessible for everyone. I created this course to give students (both yogis and non yogis) a foundation for bringing meditation into their lives.

This is the 8 time I’m offering this workshop and the second time I’m offering it in an online format. The first time, I delivered it in 4 live online teachings just like I did when the course was offered as an in person workshop.

I wanted to make it easier for everyone and decided to deliver the teachings as recorded videos this time. This will allow students to go through the teachings on their own schedule while still getting full access to me even though we aren't sitting together.

Each time it’s held, I change things a little to make it more digestible and easier for students to take what they learn and implement as their practice. This version removes some of the more in-depth topics that I originally covered within this workshop and I’ve decided to create a FYQM P2 that goes a little deeper for those that are ready.

I’m super excited to guide students through this version of the course and find their way to success!

"Before the Finding Your Quiet Mind™ workshop with Jenn, I struggled with slowing down and stepping out of the world and after the workshop I am able to control my wandering mind more, focus, breathe. I am able to be more forgiving with myself."

Kathy G.

"Before the Finding Your Quiet Mind™ workshop with Jenn, I struggled with negative feelings and letting stress get the best of me and after the workshop I am better positioned to handle whatever comes my way."


"Before the Finding Your Quiet Mind™ workshop with Jenn, I struggled with controlling my mind and anxiety in stressful or uncomfortable situations. Also, I have always had a “busy” mind and haven’t been able to turn it off. And after the workshop I am able to better control my mind and anxiety to find peace and comfort."

Amy E.

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Meet Jenn

Who Am I?

I began my meditation and yoga journey in 2004 while navigating personal life changes and healing from a back injury. Feeling lost, restless, and seeking something more from life after 11 years as a software engineer and a lifetime of being a Type A perfectionist, I found my path through meditation.

Before embracing meditation, I was constantly stressed (although I would have said I wasn’t at the time!) and rarely took the time to reflect on why my life didn’t feel right. Instead, I continued to bulldoze ahead, unfilled and unsure. Once I began a consistent meditation practice, I quickly recognized the tremendous benefits of this ancient practice and soon heard the calling to help others connect their mind, body, and spirit. 

So in 2009, I created Meditation For Change, an initiative that uses the collective energy of meditation to promote positive change in the world. Here I wrote and guided my first meditation ever!

Soon, I began offering a monthly meditation, which led to teaching weekly meditation classes and frequent meditation workshops at studios all over Charlotte. In 2013, I felt called to complete yoga teaching training and became a full-time yoga educator (YTT 200) and meditation teacher focused on creating accessible meditation teachings.

Since then, I added spiritual mentoring as part of my teachings to help others reach their full potential, uncover their truth, and find the success they were seeking.

I’ve taught yoga and meditation classes for individuals, at studios, and in corporate settings and have been fortunate to teach at events such as the Black Girls Run Conference, Democratic National Convention, and as part of the Women’s Prison Yoga Project in Charlotte.

I see the commonality that exists in us all and find joy in helping others reunite with their source and connect to a peaceful calm within.

"Before the Finding Your Quiet Mind™ workshop with Jenn, I struggled with relaxation. Now I feel I’m digging deeper into the real me I can be and the practice I tend to study. After the workshop I feel relaxed, cool, and calm. I am nervous yet enthralled for the journey that lies ahead."

Shannon H.

"Before the Finding Your Quiet Mind™ workshop with Jenn, I struggled with anxiety and sitting comfortably and hearing constant chatter in my mind. Now after the workshop I feel I’m just starting to tune out chatter in my mind and feel calmness."

Happy And Shy Anonymous Student

"Before the Finding Your Quiet Mind™ workshop with Jenn, I struggled with thinking I had to be in a peaceful state to meditate and after the workshop I now feel like it’s just me and whatever state I’m in it is better to still sit."


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